Steel E-Motive at Pre-COP 26 Milan

Phil Crowther, Business Strategy & Development Director at Ricardo, will be presenting “Connecting e-vehicles to the city” at The Road to COP26 on 30th September at 1000CEST. He will be presenting Steel E-Motive’s product vision to meet urban mobility user needs for the mid 2030s within the operating environment.

Today at a pre-COP 26 event, Ricardo will present Steel E-Motive in response to an invitation from DIT Italy to showcase innovative British and Italian solutions to implement an intermodal urban mobility system integrated with the digital infrastructure.  This business conference on smart cities and sustainable urban mobility to be held on 30 September, entitled, “Smart Cities: Rethinking Mobility in the Urban Digital Revolution,” during the official Pre-COP26 week in Milan.  The purpose of the event is to discuss and showcase innovative British and Italian solutions to implement an intermodal urban mobility system integrated with the digital infrastructure of the city.

Phil Crowther Ricardo pre-COP 26

The presentation will address the many challenges of designing Mobility as a Service (MaaS), characterized by autonomous, electric, connected ride-sharing vehicles. Steel E-Motive vehicle concepts for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) aims to demonstrate steel’s distinctive abilities to meet the challenges of moving people and things in urban and intra-urban routes. Steel, which has always played an integral role in buildings, bridges, roads and a host of other urban infrastructure, will provide many benefits to Smart Cities as they look to harmonize services and connectivity for efficient public use, including affordability, flexibility to move both people and goods, affordable services for the underserved and sustainable, environmentally efficient solutions.

Crowther’s presentation will review the many new product requirements that these vehicles will demand, such as passenger comfort, ease of ingress and egress, maneuverability within the built environment and field reconfigurable interiors.

The ability to move people and product effectively and sustainably links to the missions of smart cities around the world. Steel E-Motive’s concepts for shared mobility aim to provide affordable options that can fill the gaps in urban transportation systems.

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