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WorldAutoSteel and Ricardo have partnered up to deliver the Steel E-Motive Program

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Steel E-Motive is an initiative of WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association and its engineering partner Ricardo, a world-class environmental, engineering and strategic consulting company.

Steel E-Motive brings together the steel industry knowledge of WorldAutoSteel and the engineering expertise of Ricardo. We are on a mission to create mobility solutions which meet the requirements for the future of autonomous, MaaS transportation.

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About WorldAutoSteel

WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, is comprised of 20 major global steel producers from around the world. Our mission is to advance and communicate steel’s unique ability to meet the automotive industry’s needs and challenges in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. WorldAutoSteel have a long history of helping automakers apply AHSS to achieve lightweighting, performance improvement and crash safety goals.
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About Ricardo

Ricardo plc is a world-class environmental, engineering and strategic consulting company listed on the London Stock Exchange. With over 100 years of engineering excellence, we provide exceptional levels of expertise in delivering leading edge and innovative cross sector sustainable products and solutions, helping our global customers increase efficiencies, achieve growth and create a clear and safer future. Our mission is clear –- to create a world fit for the future.

Meet the team

The Steel E-Motive program is delivered by a global team combining the best of steel industry technical knowledge and automotive engineering expertise. The team is working hard to deliver an autonomous mobility as a service solution which truly meets the requirements of future mobility services.

Anne-Lise Gras, Ricardo

Anne-Lise Gras

Senior Project Manager, Ricardo

Anne-Lise has 15+ years of experience delivering complex engineering programmes at Ricardo and will play the essential role of project manager ensuring successful delivery of each aspect of this project.

Cees ten Broek, WorldAutoSteel

Cees ten Broek

Director, WorldAutoSteel

Cees provides direction, facilitates steel member participation, and oversees all facets of the WorldAutoSteel Consortium He leads the Team to identify and implement planning for value-added research and development programs.

Dean Kanelos, WorldAutoSteel

Dean Kanelos

Vice Chairman, WorldAutoSteel

Dean is a Vice Chair of WorldAutoSteel. Along with the Director, he plays an important role in overseeing the program contents and progress to ensure alignment with the objectives of the greater membership.

Enno Arenholz, WorldAutoSteel

Erno Arenholz

Vice Chairman, WorldAutoSteel

Erno is a Vice Chair of WorldAutoSteel. Along with the Director, he plays an important role in overseeing the program contents and progress to ensure alignment with the objectives of the greater membership.

George Coates, WorldAutoSteel

George Coates

Technical Director, WorldAutoSteel

George is an integral part of the WorldAutoSteel/Ricardo technical engineering team. He is responsible for program management and guidance, engineering, steel application input, and integrating steel member subject matter expertise.

Kathleen Hickey, WorldAutoSteel

Kate Hickey

Communications, WorldAutoSteel

Kate works closely with Louise Wilson and Ricardo Global Communications to guide the program marketing, developing and disseminating the great story of the program results and innovations.

Kenji Nishimura, WorldAutoSteel

Keiji Nishimura

Chairman, WorldAutoSteel

Keiji Nishimura chairs the WorldAutoSteel leadership team and plays an important role in overseeing the program contents and progress to ensure alignment with the objectives of the greater membership.

Louise Wilson, Ricardo

Louise Wilson

Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Ricardo

Louise works in partnership with Kate in leading the marketing communications of the Steel E-Motive program. Contact  Louise for media enquiries.

Maurizo Tancredi, Ricardo

Maurizio Tancredi

Chief Style and Industrial Designer, Ricardo

Based at Ricardo’s Rimini Technical Centre, Maurizio will focus on industrial design and vehicle styling including application of steel features to vehicle concepts.

Neil McGregor, Ricardo

Neil McGregor

Chief Engineer, Systems Integration, Ricardo

Neil has specialist knowledge of lightweight, advanced materials across all major vehicle sub systems and will lead the vehicle engineering program at Ricardo. In close collaboration with WorldAutoSteel and its members, Ricardo will integrate advanced, high grade steels into the vehicle design with a focus on strength, durability, safety and manufacturability.

Owain Davies, Ricardo

Owain Davies

Chief Engineer, Systems Integration, Ricardo

Owain specialises in vehicle architecture design and will focus on overall vehicle design and the application of high grade steels to the body of this radical future mobility battery electric vehicle.

Philip Crowther, Ricardo

Phil Crowther

Director, Systems Integration, Ricardo

Phil brings technical leadership and guidance to the Steel E-Motive program with a focus on innovation processes in vehicle engineering as we explore the boundaries of product design for future mobility solutions.

Russ Balzer, WorldAutoSteel

Russ Balzer

LCACP, Technical Director, Life Cycle Assessment, WorldAutoSteel

Russ provides expertise in vehicle LCA practices and modelling and will work with Ricardo to structure environmental assessments during concept development. These will inform the engineering team on environmental impacts of design decisions, enabling for ultra-low vehicle total life cycle emissions.


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