Steel E-Motive launches at Zemo 20th Anniversary

SEM Battery Casing

Game-changing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) vehicle concepts will be introduced to the UK for the first time at Zemo 20:Zero on 15 June

15 June 2023 — Game-changing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) vehicle concepts will be introduced to the UK for the first time at Zemo 20:Zero on 15 June.

Steel E-Motive is developing fully autonomous ride-sharing vehicle concepts that combine the best possible crash protection while being convenient, accessible and affordable. Safety and comfort are crucial factors in encouraging people living in high-density urban areas to embrace autonomous ride sharing, while having high occupancy rates of three or more people per vehicle is the key to reducing emissions – in this case by up to 86%.

Steel E-Motive utilises Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) and developers WorldAutoSteel and Ricardo will make its portfolio of materials and methods freely available to automotive manufacturers around the world to help them produce a new generation of efficient, economic and sustainable vehicles.

Because vehicle manufacturers will be able to readily incorporate the concept into their existing processes, whilst maintaining an attractive margin, production could start as soon as 2030. The vehicles’ low ownership costs make adoption more likely.

“The secret is steel,” says Cees ten Broek, Director at WorldAutoSteel. “Steel’s strength, durability and repairability makes it vital to the next generation ride sharing and ride hailing vehicles, which will need to have twice the useful life of current passenger vehicles.”

Steel E-Motive utilises 64 super strong and light Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and features structural innovations which make it the world’s first autonomous vehicle engineered to meet global high-speed crash requirements1.  Its battery pack structure is 37% lighter than average. It even offers sustainability benefits during production – where emissions are significantly reduced through a design that minimises material thickness and maximises material utilisation. Engineered to be affordable, Steel E-Motive demonstrates how steel has a vital role in achieving a zero-emission transport future.

Visitors to Zemo 20:Zero, a gathering of experts working together for a zero emission, sustainable transport future, will be able to see a VR demonstration and a 3-D printed prototype of Steel E-Motive’s SEM1, a four-passenger concept for urban commuting, developed by the UK engineers from Ricardo. Cees ten Broek, Director, WorldAutoSteel, will make a welcoming speech.

Steel E-Motive represents a big step forward in making autonomous ride sharing and ride hailing vehicles – and a zero-emission transport future – a reality.

1 performance in line with an IIHS Good rating

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