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Technical presentation: Vehicle Architectures for Autonomous Ride Sharing EVs

Learn more about the design and development of the Steel E-Motive autonomous vehicle concepts.

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Steel E-Motive Concept for Autonomous Ride-Sharing Showcased at CoMotion LA

Latest advanced steel innovations offer a pathway to safe, comfortable, low-emission mobility Download PDF of this release (English) Download these images here. November 9, 2023, Los Angeles – The future of mobility is changing. The cities of tomorrow will require...

Steel E-Motive shows how autonomous, steel-based, ride sharing vehicles used within a green grid can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Steel: a sustainable solution for future mobility Download a PDF of the release (English) Download a PDF of the release (Italian) Download a PDF of the release (German) For decades, steel has been the traditional material of choice for automotive applications, and it...

WorldAutoSteel Showcases Steel E-Motive: Fully Engineered Concepts Demonstrating Pathway to Net Zero for Ride Sharing Vehicles

World’s First Steel Body-in-White concept for autonomous MaaS vehicle applications delivers key sustainability, performance targets Download this press release as a Word document (English). Chinese version (pdf) German version (pdf) French Version (pdf) Italian...